Paul Wirkus

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Paul Wirkus, considered one of the great names in contemporary electronic music, was born in Poland in 1967 and now lives in Cologne. Since 1990 he has been acclaimed as composer of electronic minimal and improvised music, receiving many international awards. His work has been positively reviewed in magazines like the English “The Wire” and “Pitchfork Media”, the German “DE:BUG” and “Spex” and many others. The album “Intelletto d’Amore” (Quecksilber/Staubgold) was CD of the month on The Wire’s Soundcheck chart. His latest solo album is “Déformation Professionelle” (Staubgold). Wirkus has played live sets at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, at the Musiques Volantes in Paris, at the c/o pop Festival in Cologne, at Les Hurbaines of Lausanne and at the Wien Modern in Vienna. After featuring in the show “As a little Phoenix” (2007) at Lenz Teatro, he returned to Parma in 2008 to present “4 Oscillators”, a composition created specifically for that year’s edition of the Festival. In 2015 Lenz Foundation and the Polish composer of electronic music continue their productive collaboration, for a new paragraph inspired to the Hyperion, the famous epistolary novel written by a young Friedrich Hölderlin, started last year thanks to the artistic theatre residency program.

Photo © Nina Poppe

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