Alessandro Berti

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Alessandro Berti was born in Reggio Emilia. After having attended theatre school in Genoa he founds “L’impasto” (The mix) with Michela Lucenti. He writes and directs “Skankrer” (1996), “Terra di burro” (Land of butter, 1997), “Trionfo anonimo” (The anonymous triumph, 1999), “L’agenda di Seattle” (The Seattle Agenda, 2002) for the company. In 2005 he wins the Gherardi Award with “Teatro in versi” (Theatre in verses). From 2006 he begins his search for the relationship between theatre and mysticism, which takes him to the staging of “L’abbandono alla Divina Provvidenza” (Abandonment to divine providence, 2009), “Combattimento spirituale davanti a una cucina Ikea” (A spiritual battle in front of an Ikea kitchen, 2011 I Teatri del Sacro Award), “Maestro Eckhart” (2013), “Un Cristiano” (A Christian, 2014).

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