Performing Arts Festival

TOUCHING 2018-2020
NDT 2020


Natura Dèi Teatri Performing Arts Festival is a project of performative creations and a place of intellectual reflection on the state of contemporary art. Born in 1996, it is designed and curated by Maria Federica Maestri and Francesco Pititto, artistic directors of Lenz Foundation.

The attention to contemporary languages, the interdisciplinary nature of the events presented, a strong commitment to the territory combined with a deep vocation for international performance culture are historical characteristics of Natura Dèi Teatri.

The physical, conceptual and expressive space in which Lenz’s creations are produced is crossed by some of the most innovative and rigorous aesthetic experiences in European performative, musical and visual production.

Tender, Smooth/Striated, Effort are the conceptual themes of ND’T’s 2018-2020 three-year period, inspired by Jean-Luc Nancy’s philosophical work.

In 2020, the twenty-fifth edition of the Festival focuses on the scenic, visual, musical, choreographic elaboration of the Effort concept. It will be totally interpreted by the performative works of female artists of different generations and backgrounds and by the reflections of female curators and scholars of the contemporary scene: «A very clear political and cultural message» adds Maria Federica Maestri «that wants to highlight the expressive power and aesthetic density of women in the contemporary art scene».


Period: 10 November – 18 December 2020 > postponed to July 2021 – Parma (Italy)

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