Oresteia / The Post-truth

Boris Kadin
ORESTEIA / The Post-truth
Lenz Foundation Production for ND’T018 | Artist in residence
VENUE < Lenz Theater | Majakovskij Room
25th – 26th June h21 and h22.30

Running time: 50′

Just like Nancy in Allitérations ‘We are facing a very new demand in terms of art, ‘the demand that art be “made by everyone”, or Beuys statement that every human being is an artist, project Orestea/ The Post-truth deals with same idea focusing on post-spectator as active performer and as collective/ community.

Questions that are fuel for the project engine are: What is touching and teaching us still in Aeschylus Orestea? How to transform spectator to post-spectator? What is a tender role of theatre for community today? What is our post-truth on first written trilogy?   Does Orestea/ The post-truth require individuality, singularity and difference, or collective, community, made by everyone? How to transgress from stage to city, how to mark/how to make a scar in the tissue of the public space, how to leave a material proof of the play after live performance, how to expand the body of Oresta/ The Post-truth from theatre to the „real“ world?

Project Orestea/ The Post-truth will also explore aspects of our general difficulty with equality and democracy as well as aspects of Aeschylus tragedy in contemporary context: What is trial today? Who is guilty? Can we as society recover, rewrite, relive our future?

Orestea / The Post-truth

Concept e performer | Boris Kadin

Music | Milko Kelemen, Fish Tank, Druids, Prince, Gezi

Light design and technics | Yannick De Sousa Mendes, Paolo Romanini

Production |Lenz Foundation for  ND’T018 | Artist in residence

Co-production | KNAP Theatre

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