Sing to me Orpheus

Teatro del Lemming


VENUE < Lenz Theatre | Majakovskij Room

6th July h19 and h21

Running time: 50′

Show for 20 spectators at a time, booking recommended


The first movement of a project that Lemming has launched on the myth of Orpheus and Ovid’s Metamorphoses. After a series of works directed to a wide audience, the Company goes back to dramaturgical experimentation on the myth, dedicated to a small group of spectators.

A maximum of twenty spectators per show, invited to lay on a big white mattress/altar: as an invitation to dive into the realm of the unconscious and death. As always in Lemming’s work, the point is not simply to watch a show, but rather to be completely immersed in it, live in it, and make of it an experience.

Teatro del Lemming


With Chiara Elisa Rossini and Massimo Munaro

Technical assistant Alessio Papa

Music and direction Massimo Munaro

Running: 50′


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