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Natura Dèi Teatri is a Performing Arts Project that gathers international contemporary creations, artistic productions and intellectual reflections on the current state of contemporary art.

The three-year project 2015-2017 – Matter of Time – is dedicated to the artistic work of the visual artist Richard Serra. Doors, Blind Spot and Wave are the conceptual topics to investigate the Matter of Time in the languages of contemporary creations.

Blind Spot  means a reflection on the place where the vision stops or multiplies its ways. There is no entrance, there is no exit. There’s only a shade of vision.


Blind Spot is inside our eyes, one on the right, the other one on the left.
The visual field of every eye has a little hole which should be black, but it is not because the other one sends informations on that part of the field the first one cannot see. If one eye closes, the brain fills anyway that hole by using informations coming from the closest fields. The optic nerve gets through the retina from the Blind Spot and it reaches the brain which creates a vision. It does not reflect reality necessarily, that’s the brain which assumes that as reality.

That Spot is therefore illusion, ureal image, mirage resembling reality, chain between body, brain and fiction. That’s art, everyone’s art in everyone’s Matter of Time.

In his Matter of Time in Bilbao Richard Serra gave the space a shape, even to the hidden one. It should be walked, lived, inhabited as walking inside a poem.  A Blind Spot at every turn, in what is missing or unseen, someone arrives to ensure. A Blind Spot at every turn, inside the enormous ellipses and steel spirals, its space is filled and replaced whit mouvement, the space becomes body, the dizziness of the way undertakes the brain in a frantic reenactment of the phisicality of emptiness, about the hand-to-hand between human being and artwork, inside the sculpture itself.

This Blind Spot is the artists’ matter of the twenty-first edition of Natura Dèi Teatri, a cul-de-sac of vision as necessary condition for contemporary Time and Matter

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