Unknown Location

Unknown Location | Presentazione libro
Adriano Engelbrecht + Ilaria Drago

The new book of poems written by Adriano Engelbrecht and Ilaria Drago, is the outcome of a thick, poetry epistolary exchange which initiated at the beginning of three summers ago and continued until the completion of this volume. The readers should perceive that this unusual book holds two separate parts which are flipped over, because the little volume is divided in two sections: these represent two routes of lines which are symmetrical but that remotely converse by chant. Gradually rising to the center, they accompany each other in a path made of crossroads and leaps. The tip is the centre, the peak, the temporary aim, the unknown location: the place in which the poetry is conscious of its existence and forces us not only to look for it but also to find it, surely continuing on our way.

Written by Adriano Engelbrecht and Ilaria drago

Edited by Fedelo’s Editrice, Parma 2015

Preface by Daniela Rossi

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