Das Spiel

Das Spiel
Alessandro Bedosti + Antonella Oggiano

I met Antonella some years ago. We danced together several times. I think she is a mysterious dancer and I’m impressed by the way she moves on scene. I like the sense of justice and delicacy that emanates from her and I’m enchanted by the secret closed in her dance. Last year I proposed her to join me in a little project. We spent many days sitting on a carpet, waiting for the dance to appear, with the only certainty of our being together. We just sat, curious, silent, bored and patient. For many months our questions remained unanswered. Then one day my health conditions started to get worse and suddenly the scene began to animate and grow. All the fear and the sadness of those moments, as a yeast, created a funny healing ritual, precise and serious at the same time, wich contained a gentle proposal of recovery.


Performer | Antonella Oggiano, Alessandro Bedosti

Curated by | Annalisa Zoffoli

Production | Città di Ebla

Duration | 50’

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