Tim Spooner

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Tim Spooner is an artist working in performance, installation, painting and sculpture. His work uses materials and objects in ways that reveal unexpected properties, aiming to open up perspectives beyond the human scale. Fundamentally interested in unpredictability, his live work is an exercise in balancing control with a lack of it in the handling of the materials he is working with. Past work includes THE ASSEMBLY OF ANIMALS (Edinburgh Festival British Council Showcase 2015, STUK Leuven, CCN de Rillieux-la-Pape), THE GRID OF LIFE (APT Gallery, Barbican Art Gallery London), THE TELESCOPE (Whitstable Biennale, Manchester Science Museum, Terni Festival, Natura dèi Teatri #19), SUBLIMING FURIOUSLY (Chisenhale Dance London, Cambridge Junction), 24 GROTESQUE MANIPULATIONS (SW1 Gallery London, TJP Strasbourg) and THE MOST EXTREME FORM OF KNOWLEDGE (b-side Festival Dorset). Tim Spooner is an Artsadmin associate artist.

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