The Telescope

Lenz Teatro | Sala Majakovskij

domenica 14 dicembre | h 18:30
domenica 14 dicembre | h 20:00
domenica 14 dicembre | h 22:30



The Telescope looks through a broken telescope at a world which responds to being watched, a reflection of the watcher. A series of magnetic and chemical events are enacted under a microscope camera and presented live as a documentary account of an uncertain landscape. An accompanying collection of miniature sculptures, paintings and collages depict other facets of this terrain, its inhabitants, its monuments and its natural processes. Tim Spooner is an artist working in painting and live shows.


Creazione || Tim Spooner
Produzione || Marine Thévenet/Artsadmin
Questo lavoro è sostenuto || Juliet Gomperts Trust
Tim Spooner è un Artsadmin Associate Artist

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