Maestro Eckhart

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Quartiere | Parma

giovedì 11 dicembre | h 21:00



“Maestro Eckhart” presents three translated sermons of the maestro on stage. The body of the actor is crossed by a current of relentless and stubborn thought. Multiple layers cover the body: a tunic, a habit and a hemp hair shirt; the journey towards the truth becomes physical, carnal. A woman witnesses the battle. She watches over, covers and redresses the body of the man. And in the end she reveals that she knows more. It is the “Eckhartian” theme of spiritual friendship between man and woman. The movement of words like an “operational” flow (a sermon which must enlighten); the body of the actor like a hyper graduated instrument; the sung word as primitive language; absence of technological devices to reduce the mediation to a minimum. All this and more represent “Maestro Eckhart”.


Drammaturgia | traduzione | regia || Alessandro Berti
Costumista || Nicoletta Di Gaetano
Sarta || Elisa Davolio
Macchinista || Alan Zinchi
In scena || Alessandro Berti | Angela Caterina
Produzione || Casavuota / I teatri del sacro
Ringraziamenti || Jean Paul Hernandez | Francesca Proia | Cira Santoro

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