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dal 7 al 9 March 2024 | ore 16, ore 18 | APE Monteparma Foundation Museum [maps]


Tratto da Life is a dream by Pedro Calderon de la Barca
Creation | Maria Federica Maestri_Francesco Pititto
Interpreter | Barbara Voghera
Musica | Claudius Rocchetti, Johann Sebastian Bach

The question of Calderon's masterpiece «What is life?» is enriched by a further and fundamental philosophical enigma: "Who am I?»

In a continuous textual mirroring, the classic duality of the dramatic couple of prince/servant characters – Sigismondo/Clarino, il funny/fool of Spanish baroque dramas – is taken away from its elementary and simplifying sociological truth.

The figure of funny by Calderón de la Barca appropriates Sigismondo's verses, suspended between reality and fiction, placing himself in the same human condition as the protagonist, on the same threshold between reality and dream, past and present, imagination and reality.

Forced into the unique psychic body of the sensitive actress Barbara Voghera, prince and servant chase each other in search of a single identity with the only certainty that «there is no escape from the force of destiny and cruel fate; so every gesture is in vain, if you want to escape Death you are sure to die".

Voghera's sentimental body establishes an instant emotional closeness, a lightning-fast psychic alliance with the spectator: Barbara does not object to being seen for who she is, but it superimposes an unexpected and unimagined expressive power on the viewer's gaze/screen.

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Dal 7 al 9 March 2024
ore 16 and hours 18
APE Monteparma Foundation Museum, via Farini 32/a, Parma [maps]

Single ticket €8
Reservation required: (+39) 0521 270141 | (+39) 335 609 6220 | info@lenzfondazione.it

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