Lenz's performative creation projects are the result of in-depth visual research, filmic, space, dramaturgical and sound. The Foundation operates artistically with various margins – psychic hypersensitivity, intellectual and sensory disability, adolescence, elderly age – to translate them into the language of contemporary art.

You can support our projects in two ways:

5 x 1000

In your next tax return, sign the destination of the 5 per thousand under the heading "Support of recognized foundations operating in the culture and art sector".

Indicate the Lenz Foundation tax code: 02741190348

Art Bonus

The Art Bonus is a preferential tax regime for those who support culture with monetary donations. This is a tax credit equal to 65% of the donations made to the cultural enterprises that are part of this project.

Anyone can donate and get a tax credit 65%: companies and private citizens.

Lenz Foundation is also part of theArt Bonus.

This means that if you are a company or a private citizen and want to support us, you will receive the expected tax credit.

First of all you have to contact us (0521 270141, to express your will in reference to authorized projects, which are published on the institutional website of the Art Bonus.

Then, you can make a traceable payment (not in cash), with the receipt showing the reason "Art Bonus", that you will use in your next tax return.

Become a patron of the Lenz Foundation! It's a win-win for us and for you.

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