Dialogues with spectators


Series of six meetings to introduce the reading of Company’s new creations to the audience.

Each encounter will focus particularly on a formal most influential aspect of the show’s preparation representative of Lenz’s scenic language.

  1. Thursday 22 March h18

The matter and the body for FAUST Memories

  1. Thursday 26 April h18

The non-serene theater for Rosa Winkel. Pink Triangle

  1. Thursday 21 June h18

The word is the place for The Great Theater of the World

  1. Thursday 5 July h18

The sound does not cry for Iphigenia in Aulis

  1. Thursday 18 October h18

The truth of the image for Verdi Macbeth

  1. Thursday 29 November h18

The actor and his shell for Oresteia #1 Nests

Free admission