Ash Moon


choreography by Luna Cenere

music Gerard Valverde

VENUE < Lenz Theatre | Est Room

26th June h22

Running time: 30′




‘Kokorois a single Japanese word that we can translate as our ‘inner beingbut which literally embraces two words / concepts, such as ‘the mindand ‘the heart’.

This solo is the personal search for a uniqueness of being, an inner journey that has become a physical path in space, during which the naked body, through its exposure and specific architecture, is transfigured and becomes a poetic vehicle bringing out images belonging to and not to an ‘unreal world’. These images, rooted in the collective consciousness, are sublimated in the narration of a personal experience, to then transmute it, through the scene, into a collective experience.


Choreography by Luna Cenere

With Luna Cenere

Music: Gerard Valverde

Light design: Gaetano Battista

Produced by Körper Company

Production support by Virgilio Sieni/Centro Nazionale di Produzione




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