THE FURIOUS (2) Mindful MadnessImprovisation

THE FURIOUS (2) Mindful MadnessImprovisation
Simon Mayer

The Furious (2) Mindful MadnessImprovisation
Simon Mayer – artistic residencie

16th June 11 pm
Lenz Theatre | Sala Majakovskij
ND’T #21 creation

Mindful Madness is an improvised Solo by Simon Mayer, realized during his residencie at Lenz Teatro for Natura Dèi Teatri Festival #21.
The performance is based on live music, dance and voice.
It is a work on the nature of improvisation, which means the nature of the moment, of the creation here and now. The practice of here and now is performanceits ownso the awareness of performance and life close to meditation is what Simon proposes as a way to look at the topic of madness. On one side the mind and body are purified by the temporality of meditation, on the other hand the observation of the topic of madness.
And maybe he tries to find out a way to heal madness or to perceive it from another point of view.
The experience of the performance coincides with the encounter between the performer’s state of mind and body.


The Furious (2) Mindful MadnessImprovisation
Performance, Live Music, Dance | Simon Mayer
Duration | 25′
Production | Lenz Foundation for ND’T 2016

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