[cml_media_alt id='5681']NDT015LOGO150dpi[/cml_media_alt]Natura Dèi Teatri is a project that gathers international contemporary performative creations, artistic productions and intellectual reflections on the current state of the contemporary art.

After the three-year period fueled by the philosophical suggestions of Gilles Deleuze, Natura Dèi Teatri Festival will inaugurate a new three-year project dedicated to the artistic work of the visual artist Richard Serra. DOORS, BLIND SPOT and WAKE are the conceptual topics of this three-year period 2015-2017, whose field of investigation will be oriented towards the theme of the MATTER OF TIME inside the languages of contemporary creation. For its twentieth edition the festival, in addition to the Lenz artistic ensemble, will receive Italian and European guests belonging to different knowledge settings and they will be invited to present and coproduce several creations inspired to the theme of 2015, DOORS.

What is TIME made up of? Time is made up of nothing, it doesn’t exist. It is an illusion, we are time.

«… The equations which describe grains of space and matter no longer contain the variable “time”. […] At the minuscule scale of spatial quanta, the dance of nature does not follow the rhythm of the baton of a single conductor and a single time: similar processes dance independently and closely, following their own rhythms. The passing of time belongs to the world and arises from the relationships between some quantum events that are the world and the sources of time themselves». C. Rovelli

Thus the most advanced physics tell us that everyone’s time dances in an independent and anarchic way and goes by through several moving variables just on a microscopic level and without an absolute criterion. This revolution is still in progress but it seems certain that the notion of time no longer is necessary to comprehend the universe.

And if we are time, it in turn is made up of our bodies, brains and of all the movements that we produce in the space, including each emotion, reasoning and mirroring. Since the science discovered the mirror neurons we have been opening our minds to new glazes, actions, images, personified imitations, cognitive abstractions and to the artworks, the artistic performing, every crossing of field, of threshold, of border as each research requires.

Furthermore every field of investigation has its own DOORS which are open and closed, to open and to close, which lie here and there connecting opposite spaces only when they are kept open. Here is the place which both men and beasts might go through, but this depends on what was built of our Weltanschaunng and also on what survived of it.

In Richard Serra’s artwork “Matter of the time” there is neither entrance nor exit, there is only a path, only a map and there are only wakes. It is a timeless experience of loss taking place in a different, emotional, sound elegiac dimension in which there exist spirals, spheres, ellipses and “polarities between the force of gravity which pulls toward the bottom, the weight of the matter and the rise to the height which aims at annulling the gravity itself”.

Not only like the Paladins of Lenz’s Furious which whirl round and round inside the Palace of Atlas, but also like Unfinished Interior by Tim Spooner, or like Unverinnerlicht by Naoko Tanaka, SunBengSitting by Simon Meyer, The Solo by Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, the anatomy hall of In cold blood by Silvia Costa and Laura Pante, Das Spiel – a healing rite by Alessandro Bosetti and Antonella Oggiano, Hamlet-Solo with Barbara Voghera, The unknown of the Seine- a rendezvous with the medical-hypnotic theatre by Patrizio Dall’Argine, Providence by Friorella Iacono or like Hyperion #2_ Only when the houses and the temple die and the wild beasts dare to the doors and to the streets with Paul Wirkus and Adriano Engelbrecht.

For the twentieth edition of Natura Dèi Teatri, let everyone dance their time.

Francesco Pititto

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