Naoko Tanaka

What lies behind, between, and around our memories? A space populated by the un-internalized. We find ourselves in spheres of images, emotions, things visible and invisible. We are surrounded by dark expanses, where shadows take on immense weight.

Naoko Tanaka’s new work invites spectators to try and envisage the present as memory, to set loose in the sea of lost images. Her choreography of light takes us into our ‘inner outside world’ and traces the spatial and temporal boundaries of the imagination. Un-internalized fragments swarm into view, become material, manifest, take shape as plastic poetry.

The title, which translates as ‘un-internalized’, literally reads as ‘un-innered-light’. Swathes of canvas circle the room, the same kind of canvas that usually offers painters a stable, secure support for their works. But Tanaka’s canvases dance. The perspectives change.

As if viewed from the lonely perspective of a child keenly experiencing the world, the objects float, bob up and down, and circle us in changing states of deformation and flux.

‘In places where reason cannot penetrate, I imagine that all forgotten, unmemorable, and un-internalized experiences can still take shape.’

Concept, stage, design, sculpture, performance | Naoko Tanaka

Musical collaboration | Luca Fogagnolo

Dramaturgic collaboration | Adam Czirak

Technical director, stage set | Thomas Lehmen

Lightplanung, technics | Felix Grimm

Assistance | Alise Michon, Finn Leon Cam, Marie Golüke

Company Management | ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro

Duration | 50’

Production | Naoko Tanaka

in coproduction with | PACT Zollverein Essen | SOPHIENSÆLE

Fund by | Mitteln des Regierenden Bürgermeisters von BerlinSenatskanzleiKulturelle Angelegenheiten | Kunststiftung NRW

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