Performing Arts Festival

TOUCH 2018-2021

Maria Federica Masters_Francesco Pititto | Lenz Foundation
Büchner, Hölderlin, Lenz, Kleist, Rilke, Dostoevsky, Mayakovsky, Shakespeare, Goethe, Grimm, Andersen, Calderón de la Barca, Genet, Lorca, Bacchini, Ovidio, Virgilio, Manzoni, d'Annunzio, Ariosto, Verdi, Dante: these are the authors who have marked Lenz's monographic and multi-year projects, from 1985. The recent contemporary performative creation projects are the artistic result of in-depth visual research, filmic, space, dramaturgical and sound. In an aesthetic convergence between exegetical fidelity to the word of the text, visual radicality of film creation, originality and conceptual extremism of the artistic installation, Lenz's work rewrites the philosophical tensions and aesthetic anxieties of contemporaneity in visionary signs. Translation, dramaturgical rewriting, imagoturgy of the works are by Francesco Pititto, who directs it together with Maria Federica Maestri. The scenic installations and costumes are created by Maria Federica Maestri, noted by critics for her work of "dramaturgy of matter", for the system of visual signs that constitute his very personal "design-acted". Dal 1996 Maria Federica Maestri and Francesco Pititto take care of the artistic direction of the International Festival of Contemporary Creations Nature Gods Theatres. A complex project, named Theater Practices characterizes Lenz in the field of theatrical and visual training. Social Theater Practices instead it activates theatrical awareness courses, visual, musical which involve the design of integrated laboratories aimed at intellectually and mentally disabled people.

Mariangela Gualtieri | Valdoca Theatre
Mariangela Gualtieri was born in Cesena, in Romagna. She graduated in architecture at the IUAV in Venice. In the 1983 founded, together with director Cesare Ronconi, the Valdoca Theater, of which she is the playwright. From the beginning he took care of the oral delivery of the poem, dedicating full attention to the voice amplification apparatus and to the association between poetic verse and live music.

Among the published texts: Ancestor (ed. Crocetti, Milano 1992), Central Fire (Giulio Einaudi ed. Torino 2003), Dustless, weightless (Giulio Einaudi ed., Torino 2006), Sermon to the cubs of my kind (L'arboreto Editore, Mondaino 2006), Landscape with Broken Brother (book and DVD, Luca Sossella Publisher, Roma 2007), Beast of joy (Giulio Einaudi ed., Torino 2010), Cain, (Giulio Einaudi ed., Torino 2011), Sermon to the cubs of my kind con CD audio (Valdoca ed. Cesena 2012), A Seneghe. Mariangela Gualtieri/Guido Guidi (Perda Sonadora Printers, 2012), The young words (Einaudi, 2015), Voices of blue darkness (Press 2009 ed., 2016), Beast of Joy. Selected poems (Chelsea edition, New York, 2018), When I wasn't dying (Einaudi, 2019). È coautrice – con Cesare Ronconi e Lorella Barlaam – dell’Album of Oaths/Tablets of Oaths (Any, 2019) of Teatro Valdoca.

Stefania ?Alos Pedretti
?Alos ( (queer-pagan-doom-avant-metal) dal 1999 al 2006 He lives in Milan, since September 2006 in June 2011 lives in Berlin, he now lives in Italy in Ravenna.
Experimental musician and performer, dal 2003, with the birth of his solo project ?Alos, begins to combine these two disciplines to create performances/shows in which live music is a fundamental element. His work transcends the boundaries between the arts performative, integrating experimental music, performance, improvisation and video/art and making the audience an active part through the stimulation of the six senses. At the foundation of each of his performative actions is the female figure whose role is critically explored in history and contemporary society. Musician and performer active since 1998 is a member of ?Alos and OvO and the historic Allun. With more than a thousand concerts under his belt ( 5 album come ?Hello and 9 albums like OvO) he played in Italy, Europa, United States, Canada, Russia, Chinese, Vietnam, Mexico and Israel. In the 2015 e 2016 He cooperated, as a musician and Music Producer, with the Swedish theater director Markus Ohrn in the Azdora project.
Dal 2017 al 2019 ha collaborated with Santarcangelo Festival, historic Italian contemporary theater festival, as music curator together with Francesca Morello Articles and reviews on her various musical projects have appeared on XL di Repubblica, The Friday of the Republic, Rolling Stone, Pig, Label, Exibart, Activa, Blow Up, Noise, Alias, The Wire, Elegy, XXD, on all the main ones Italian and foreign music publications. His illustrations and drawings have been published in various Italian and foreign magazines including Zero2, Acid Juice,Poisons, Versoger's.

Fiorella Iacono
Fiorella Iacono lives in Modena. She graduated from the University of Bologna with a thesis on William Burroughs. He worked at Cesare Leonardi's architectural studio for the cataloging of the Atlas photographs Photograph of Modena Cathedral (Panini,1985). Ha exhibited in personal exhibitions and collective. Collaborate dal 2016 con Lenz Parma Foundation as curator of the photographic image for the site creations-specific. Point focal point of his research is the vision of existential landscapes where Nature manifests itself without cognitive preconceptions. In the most recent works there is the idea of ​​establishing a narrative of the objects also through the sequentiality of the images and the objectivity of the vision. In the 2019 he exposed Auto-da-fé a Verona (Border Photographic Arsenals) e Meditations a Roma (Space The Green Room). In the 2020 he exposed Machines-Rivers-States of Nature (Space Chaos Modena).

Doris Uhlich
Doris Uhlich has been developing her own authorial projects since 2006. The choreographer's work often focuses on examining everyday gestures but also those that require construction, like the strict movement code of classical ballet in GREAT (2008) e Come Back (2012). All of her performances are investigations into beauty ideals and body image standards. From his performance more than naked (2013) on, Doris Uhlich also works on the representation of nudity free from ideologies and provocations. The music – especially electronic dance music – from new wave to techno – plays an important role in his explorations. Production Every Body Electric, which debuted at the Tanzquartier Wien in 2018, she was invited to the Venice Dance Biennale and the Sao Paulo Bienal Sesc de Dança in 2019. This was followed by the solo TANK.

Gloria Dorliguzzo
Si approcia alla danza partendo dalle arti marziali che tutt’ora pratica nell’arte della spada giapponese. L’incontro con Yoshito Ohono, Malù Airaldo e Adriana Boriello hanno determinato la sua scelta stilistica nella ricerca sul corpo. Come performer ha collaborato con coreografi e registi internazionali quali Nikos Lagousakos, Cindy VanAcker, Claudia Castellucci, Crysanthi Badeka, Ariella Vidach, Gisele Vienne. Dal 2018 collabora come performer e come coreografa con il regista Romeo Castellucci. La sua ricerca combina plasticità, dinamica e ritmo compositivo con una particolare attenzione verso le arte visive. Collabora in vari progetti multimediali coreografando performance installative insieme ad artisti provenienti da vari campi artistici.

Chiara Guidi | Company
Founder – with Romeo and Claudia Castellucci, and with Paolo Guidi – of Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, today Societas, Chiara Guidi develops a personal research on the voice as a dramaturgical key in revealing the sound and meaning of a text by collaborating with musicians such as Scott Gibbons, Michele Rabbia, Daniel Roccato, Francesco Guerri, Giuseppe Ielasi. This research develops its technique both in productions for an adult audience, and in a specific conception of children's art theatre, which boasts historical shows such as Buchettino, by Charles Perrault. Among the most recent works: Oedipus the King by Sophocles. Memory exercise for 4 female voices e The deep realm. Why are you here?, dramatic reading which sees her on stage with Claudia Castellucci, author of the text; beyond The land of earthworms. A tragedy for children (and Alcesti of Euripides), Japanese fairy tales e Oedipus. A fairy tale of magic (the latter directed with Vito Matera). Recently released volsCreator of the Màntica and Puerilia observatories at the Comandini Theater in Cesena, she is also the author of the volumes: Buchettino, with drawings by Simone Massi, Unripe Ear (2014), The voice in a forest of invisible images (At night, 2017) e, with Lucia Amara, Children's theatre. Scenic art before the eyes of a child (sossella publisher, 2019). They went to Chiara Guidi, among others, and Special Ubu Award in 2013, The Foreigner in Award 2016 and the Eolo Award 2020 Gratitude.

Cristina Kristal Rizzo
Dance maker, she has been active on the Italian contemporary dance scene since her early years 90. Based in Florence, she trained in New York at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, attended the studios of Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown. He is among the founders of Kinkaleri, company with which he actively collaborated across the international contemporary choreographic scene and received numerous awards. Dal 2008 has undertaken an autonomous path of choreographic production directing its research towards a theoretical reflection with a strong dynamic impact aimed at regenerating the act of creation itself and opening reflections on the present time. Currently one of the main Italian choreographic realities, is hosted in the most important festivals of the new international scene. The circuit of the shows is accompanied by an intense conference activity, laboratories and experimental proposals. As a guest choreographer she has created choreographies for the main opera bodies and Italian and foreign institutions including the Teatro Comunale of Florence – Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Aterballetto, Tuscan Ballet, LAC Lugano, MACRO Roma, MUSEION Bolzano, Pecci Museum in Prato.

Silvia Rampelli | Habillé d’eau
Laureata in Filosofia, focalizza la riflessione sulla natura dell’atto, sulla scena come dispositivo percettivo. Attiva nella creazione e in ambito teorico e formativo, conducetra l’altroseminari in contesti di ricerca e pratiche per la fragilità. In the 2002 fonda Habillé d’eau, progetto di ricerca performativa indipendente, al quale aderiscono stabilmente Alessandra Cristiani, Gianni Staropoli, Eleonora Chiocchini e attualmente Valerio Sirna. Con Habillé d’eau è prodotta da La Biennale di Venezia e invitata nei maggiori festival. Numerosi sono i testi critici pubblicati e i riconoscimenti, tra i quali il Premio Ubu 2018 per il migliore spettacolo di danza.

Antonella Bertoni | Abbondanza/Bertoni Company

Dancer and choreographer, has been a protagonist of Italian dance since the early 1990s.
Born in Rome, city ​​in which he began his artistic training, moves into 1987 in Paris, dove lavora con Carolyn Carlson e incontra Michele Abbondanza, companion of the future artistic path. In the 1995 founded together with Abbondanza, the Abbondanza/Bertoni Company, recognized as one of the most prolific artistic realities on the Italian scene, which combines with the creation of shows, a training and research path of contemporary dance theatre. Among the awards: Dance award&Danza 1996 as “best performer”, Eti-Stregagatto award 97/98 (Romanzo d’infanzia) and Dance Award&Danza 2017 as the best Italian production of the year (Death and the girl). Firma e interpreta più di trenta creazioni per il teatro e partecipa al film di Bernardo Bertolucci, I dance alone (1995), oltre a essere tra i protagonisti delle coreografie create per Vieni via con me, television broadcast by Fabio Fazio and Roberto Saviano (Rai 3, 2010) e Abbondanza Bertoni A dance film, created by RaiCultura directed by Felice Cappa and broadcast in 2015 your Rai5.
He gives life to the P I C C O L A Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, an ambitious project to create a stable group of very young people, con i quali mette in scena diverse creazioni. Dal 2008 directs School of Action, project dedicated to teaching and training adults and children, al Teatro alla Cartiera di Rovereto, where the company is in residence.

Claudia Sorace | Muta Imago
Director, founded in 2006 in Rome together with Riccardo Fazi – playwright and sound designer – the Muta Imago company, training in the continuous search for forms and stories that connect the sphere of imagination with that of present reality, investigating the relationship between the human being and his time. The company's shows have been hosted and co-produced by the most important national and international festivals for years; with the latest productions, among which Combat (2018), Far from here (2018), Warrior Songs (2017) Muta Imago met the world of musical theatre, collaborating with the Theaters of Reggio Emilia, Romaeuropa Festival, the Spoleto Experimental Opera Season, the Sagra Musicale Malatestiana and the Muziektheater Transparant of Antwerp. In the 2009 the company won the Ubu Special Prize, the ANCT Critics Award and the DE.MO./Movin'UP award. In the same year Claudia Sorace won the Youth Knighthood Award of the Province of Rome and the Valeria Moriconi International Award as "Future of the scene"; In the 2011 won the award for best director and best show at the XXIX Fadjr Festival in Tehran.

Susanna Mati
Susanna Mati ha insegnato Estetica presso lo IUAV di Venezia e l’IRPA di Milano; fa parte del gruppo di ricerca internazionaleHypernietzsche” (École Normale Supérieure, Paris). Sta curando presso l’editore Feltrinelli una riedizione delle opere di Nietzsche, di cui sono usciti già 5 titoli: La nascita della tragedia (2015), Così parlò Zarathustra (2017), L’anticristo (2018), Poesie (2109), Al di là del bene e del male (2020). È autrice della monografia Friedrich Nietzsche. Tentativo di labirinto (Feltrinelli 2017). In precedenza si è occupata a lungo anche di temi mitologici e ha pubblicato, among others, Ninfa in labirinto (Moretti & Vitali 2006) e curato le poesie di Hölderlin e Novalis.






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