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Lenz Foundation | Maria Federica Masters | Francesco Pititto

Büchner, Hölderlin, Lenz, Kleist, Rilke, Dostoevsky, Mayakovsky, Shakespeare, Goethe, Grimm, Andersen, Calderón de la Barca, Genet, Lorca, Bacchini, Ovidio, Virgilio, Manzoni, d'Annunzio, Ariosto, Verdi, Dante: these are the authors who have marked Lenz's monographic and multi-year projects, from 1985. The recent contemporary performative creation projects are the artistic result of in-depth visual research, filmic, space, dramaturgical and sound. In an aesthetic convergence between exegetical fidelity to the word of the text, visual radicality of film creation, originality and conceptual extremism of the artistic installation, Lenz's work rewrites the philosophical tensions and aesthetic anxieties of contemporaneity in visionary signs. Translation, dramaturgical rewriting, imagoturgy of the works are by Francesco Pititto, who directs it together with Maria Federica Maestri. The scenic installations and costumes are created by Maria Federica Maestri, noted by critics for her work of "dramaturgy of matter", for the system of visual signs that constitute his very personal "design-acted".
Dal 1996 Maria Federica Maestri and Francesco Pititto take care of the artistic direction of the International Festival of Contemporary Creations Nature Gods Theatres. A complex project, named Theater Practices characterizes Lenz in the field of theatrical and visual training. Social Theater Practices instead it activates theatrical awareness courses, visual, musical which involve the design of integrated laboratories aimed at intellectually and mentally disabled people.

Boris Kadin | artist in residence 2018

Boris Kadin is a versatile and internationally active Croatian performer. In his independent projects he radicalizes the position of the artist and the spectator. Kadin creates performative actions, media-art and film Through the study of history and philosophy, Kadin produces works that generate multiple meanings. He has performed and led numerous workshops at many international festivals and venues in Marseille, New York, Athens, Barcelona, Liked, Belgrade, Prague, Parma, Düsseldorf . After 10 years of working with the Via Negativa collective and two with Happy Gorilla, continues his artistic journey with projects in solo, pushing the boundaries between theatre, performance, visual art and public art in the direction of collective work, belonging to the community, crossing the line of separation between stage and real life, between museums and streets, between private and public, between connection and disconnection. Many times guest of the Natura Dèi Teatri festival, dal 2018 is in creative residency at the Lenz Foundation within the sull’Oresteia of Aeschylus.

Ash Moon

Luna Cenere is a dancer and young author from Naples. In the 2011 graduates from SEAD,(AT). Dal 2014 he worked with Simone Forti, Anton Lacky and Agitart Company. Member of the Virgilio Sieni Company (IT). Author of the solo 'Kokoro', selected by 'Aerowaves Twenty18' and supported by the 'Showcase of young authorial dance-Action of the Anticorpi XL Network.

He lives between Italy and Belgium.



Cristina Kristal Rizzo

Cristina Kristal Rizzo, dance maker, she has been active on the Italian contemporary dance scene since her early years 90. Based in Florence, she trained in New York at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, attended the studios of Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown. Upon returning to Italy she collaborated with various artistic realities including the Teatro Valdoca, Roberto Castello, Stoa/Claudia Castellucci, Mk, Virgilio Sieni Dance, Santasangre. He is among the founders of Kinkaleri, company with which he actively collaborated across the international contemporary choreographic scene and received numerous awards. Dal 2008 has undertaken an autonomous path of choreographic production directing its research towards a theoretical reflection with a strong dynamic impact aimed at regenerating the act of creation itself and opening reflections on the present time. Currently one of the main Italian choreographic realities is hosted in the most important festivals of the new international scene. The circuit of the shows is accompanied by an intense conference activity, laboratories and experimental proposals. As a guest choreographer she has created choreographies for the main Italian opera companies and theater institutions, among which: the Teatro Comunale di Firenze – Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the Tuscany Junior Ballet, Ater Ballet.

Company | Claudia Castellucci | Chiara Guidi

Co-founders of Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (today Societas) – company that has been able to place itself at the forefront of the international theater scene since the early 1980s, based at the Comandini Theater in Cesena – Claudia Castellucci and Chiara Guidi are the authors, interpreters and teachers: Claudia with particular application in the study of rhythmic and choreographic movement, Chiara with research that links childhood and voice.



Tim Spooner | artist in residence 2018

Tim Spooner < English artist Tim Spooner, already in international residency at Lenz Teatro over the three-year period 2014-2016, acts in the fields of performance, del collage, of painting and sculpture. He uses materials and objects that reveal unexpected properties, in order to open perspectives beyond everyday perception, Human. Fundamentally interested in unpredictability, his work is a balancing act between control and lack of it, in the manipulation of the materials he works with. Dal 2010 he is constantly dedicated to creating live works based on the revelation of life in matter. Closely linked to this project is the ongoing production of paintings and composite images. Il 2016 it is marked by the research and creation of a series of “chapters” that gave life to a great work, The Voice of Nature, presented in Strasbourg in January 2017. In the 2017 produces in residence for the Lenz Foundation Paradiso – Infinite Crumple, as part of the autumn section of the ND'T festival and in 2018 always in connection with Lenz's dramaturgy a performance inspired by The Great Theater of the World by Calderón de la Barca.

Lemming Theater

The Lemming Theater was formed in Rovigo in 1987. Since the first shows, until the recovery of the myth with the radical and original experiences of theater of sensations in the Tetralogy of the spectator arriving after Dante's rereading of Nekyia to investigate Shakespeare's latest works (Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet. Letters from the liquid world e W.S. Tempest) the relationship between power and the individual within a society, the LEMMING THEATER pursues with extreme coherence a Theater capable of redefining the role of the spectator within the scenic event.

Fiorella Iacono | artist in residence 2018

Fiorella Iacono, artist in residence at Lenz Foundation, she was born in Modena where she lives. She graduated in Philosophy with a thesis on the poetics of William Burroughs. He collaborated with the newspaper The poster dealing with contemporary art. He cataloged Cesare Leonardi's photos for the Atlas of Modena Cathedral (Panini, 1985) on the occasion of “When the cathedrals were white”. He has participated in important photographic exhibitions including, recently, European Photography in Reggio Emilia (Bearable lightness, 2011; Goli Otok, 2014; Primitive Forest, 2015, Earth Path, 2016) and group exhibitions (Lands, 2014, On/Off Space Parma; Heim, Home space; 2014; Contrasts, 2015, Villa Welcome, Modena). In the 2015 he presented Providence/ Video installation at the WoPa Contemporary Parma in the Natura Dèi Teatri Festival. In the 2016 presented his latest work in Genoa call at Studio Incantations in Genoa. He created photographic documentation projects for site-specific shows for the Lenz Foundation Auto-da-fé (Napoleonic wing of the former San Francesco prison), Purgatory (Old Hospital Cruise) e Paradiso (North Bridge) a Parma.

Claudius Rocchetti

Claudius Rocchetti < among the most active European musicians of the second half of the last decade. In addition to his main solo project, he is part with Valerio Tricoli and Stefano Pilia of 3/4 HadBeenEliminated, he is half of the duo Olyvetty with the visual artist Riccardo Benassi and plays in the In Zaire Power Quartet. He also collaborated with Jooklo Duo (come Hypnoflash), with double bass player Klaus Janek and with Mattin, The window, Fabio Orsi and MB, among others. Most recent works include collaborations with Atelier impopulaire and with video artist Davide Luciani. It mainly focuses around live manipulation of hardware, record player, various objects and recorded sources. He published with Hundebiss, Hapna, The box, Presto?!, Soleilmoon e Holidays Records. He is also the founder (with Kam Hassah) of Modern Music, a label specializing in field recordings, sound poetry and sound art. Already a guest in 2016 of the Natura Dèi Teatri festival, realizes from 2017 the music for some important creations of the Lenz Foundation: This weak force, site-specific in the Archaeological Museum of Parma as part of Luigi Nono's Prometeo project – special commission of the Teatro Regio of Parma and in 2018 The Great Theater of the World da Calderón de la Barca, first year of the three-year project The Imminent Past site-specific in the Pilotta monumental complex.

Andrew Azzali
Andrew Azzali < musician with a strong experimental style and former member of groups such as Tac, Parts and Breed Ventura, he composed the music for the most important works of the Parma research company Lenz Rifrazioni. In the 1996 create the project monophon, whose first work is by 1998. Of the 2000 the second job, Rote, created in collaboration with Giorgio Cantadori on percussion. With this formation he participates in various electronic music festivals including 'Distorsionie' in Bologna and 'Gilles Deleuze pop philosopher' in Milan. In the same year he began the collaboration with Adriano Engelbrecht and Lenz Rifrazioni. Dal 2004 the artistic projects with Lenz Rifrazioni intensify, Azzali composes the music for the company's most important works: The magical prodigious, The little Mermaid, Red shoes, Bruno Longhi, The Constant Prince, High surveillance. In the meantime they go out: Blue, Born to run, W. Azzali's industrial rock formation, linked to sounds based on rhythm and body language, it is reflected in the musical dramaturgy created for Lenz's works through a search for obsessiveness and power. In the 2007 starts a new creative cycle by processing the sounds of all of Lenz's most important creations: Radical Change, Chaos, Exile, Hamlet, Dido, The Isle of Dogs, Aeneas, Aeneas in Italy, The Betrothed (2013), The glory (2014). In the 2015 create a new project named pSy-phon. They are produced i cd building 1 e building 2, the music included is part of a selection of songs used for theatrical works such as The betrothed, Furious 1 e Furious 2. In the 2016 processes the sound for Auto-da-fé, play by Lenz dal Don Carlo by Giuseppe Verdi, special commission of the Verdi Festival 2016 It is in the 2017 creates the sound of the two great site-specifics Purgatory e Paradiso from Dante and Verdi. He takes care of the music for the Resistenza project and the sound reworkings for two stage-musical works: Verdi Macbeth special commission for the Verdi Festival 2018 and in the same year Iphigenia in Aulis by Gluck in collaboration with the Conservatory of Music A. Boito of Parma. He graduated in history with a thesis entitled "The Colorno mental hospital - for a history of Parma psychiatry (1865-1881)”. Dal 2006 works with autistic children and young people, and suffering from ADHD at various schools in the province of Parma. Dal 2014 he teaches electronic music in professional training courses aimed at people with intellectual and sensorial disabilities (blind).

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