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Lillevan < è un video-artista berlinese, co-founder of the audiovisual group Rechenzentrum (1997-2008), which had a pioneering role in proposing the union between music and moving images. The group's performances and Lillevan's collaborations with some of the most important musicians in electronic music (You're up, Vladislav Delay just to name a few) have been acclaimed by audiences and critics around the world, from Brazil to Siberia, from Canada to Korea, da Cuba a Belgrado e Detroit, per la loro capacità di portare l’immagine, music and animation towards new and unprecedented levels of experimentation. Parallel to the work with the Rechenzentrum, Lillevan has collaborated with many artists of different genres, from the work to the installations, from minimalist electronics to dance and classical music. He has created performances and exhibitions all over the world, participating in major international festivals. 
Dopo aver studiato cinema, writing and staging several films in the 1980s and early 1990s, he gradually abandoned this discipline, disappointed by the limited possibilities for experimentation with cinematographic language. New impulses, together with the accessibility of new technologies, they bring him back into the world of moving images, with a new perspective and motivation: searches for moving images, which he believes have disappeared in cinema, in world art and popular culture. 
Lillevan ricontestualizza e combina immagini e frammenti di film già esistenti. Interferences and interrupted images constitute a central dramaturgical element in creation and performance. Images produce music, and push the viewer into a psycho-visual composition. For Lillevan the creative process starts from a research modeled on that of Jean-Luc Godard for the relationship between images, intensity and consistency. Lillevan sees his work as a multi-layered process that gives each viewer the opportunity to focus on different details of the performance. Human perception remains the final interactive element of live video composition, while the images return to their original ambiguity, moving away from the imperative nature of traditional editing. Lillevan delivered, among others, i DVD Silence, Director’s Cut (con Mille Plateaux), Emperor Remixed Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concert (commissioned by the Goethe Institut in Tokyo), IBM (made with Rechenzentrum), Bioskop installations, multiple projection that explores the conventions of early cinema (1900-1917), Sound X Vision. He took care of the artistic direction of Expo2000 Video-Robot installation. He cooperated, among others, con Tetsuo Furudate (in Berlin and Tokyo), Ueli Wiget of the Ensemble Modern, Christian Fennesz (in Berlin, Hong Kong e Canada), Vladislav Delay, Christine Hill. Inside Natura Dèi Teatri 2009 he presented, for the first time, the audio-visual performance Fixation Fields, realizzata ad hoc per il Festival, collaborating again with Lenz in 2011 nella composizione delle musiche del capitolo primo del progetto Aeneas. #1 The wild boar race. The artist's last presence in Parma dates back to 2016, once again guest of the Natura Dèi Teatri Festival.

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