Claudius Rocchetti

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Claudius Rocchetti < among the most active European musicians of the second half of the last decade. In addition to his main solo project, he is part with Valerio Tricoli and Stefano Pilia of 3/4 HadBeenEliminated, he is half of the duo Olyvetty with the visual artist Riccardo Benassi and plays in the In Zaire Power Quartet. He also collaborated with Jooklo Duo (come Hypnoflash), with double bass player Klaus Janek and with Mattin, The window, Fabio Orsi and MB, among others. Most recent works include collaborations with Atelier impopulaire and with video artist Davide Luciani. It mainly focuses around live manipulation of hardware, record player, various objects and recorded sources. He published with Hundebiss, Hapna, The box, Presto?!, Soleilmoon e Holidays Records. He is also the founder (with Kam Hassah) of Modern Music, a label specializing in field recordings, sound poetry and sound art. Already a guest in 2016 of the Natura Dèi Teatri festival, realizes from 2017 the music for some important creations of the Lenz Foundation: This weak force, site-specific in the Archaeological Museum of Parma as part of Luigi Nono's Prometeo project – special commission of the Teatro Regio of Parma and in 2018 The Great Theater of the World da Calderón de la Barca, first year of the three-year project The Imminent Past site-specific in the Pilotta monumental complex.

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