Andrew Azzali

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Andrew Azzali < musician with a strong experimental style and former member of groups such as Tac, Parts and Breed Ventura, he composed the music for the most important works of the Parma research company Lenz Rifrazioni. In the 1996 create the project monophon, whose first work is by 1998. Of the 2000 the second job, Rote, created in collaboration with Giorgio Cantadori on percussion. With this formation he participates in various electronic music festivals including 'Distorsionie' in Bologna and 'Gilles Deleuze pop philosopher' in Milan. In the same year he began the collaboration with Adriano Engelbrecht and Lenz Rifrazioni. Dal 2004 the artistic projects with Lenz Rifrazioni intensify, Azzali composes the music for the company's most important works: The magical prodigious, The little Mermaid, Red shoes, Bruno Longhi, The Constant Prince, High surveillance. In the meantime they go out: Blue, Born to run, W. Azzali's industrial rock formation, linked to sounds based on rhythm and body language, it is reflected in the musical dramaturgy created for Lenz's works through a search for obsessiveness and power. In the 2007 starts a new creative cycle by processing the sounds of all of Lenz's most important creations: Radical Change, Chaos, Exile, Hamlet, Dido, The Isle of Dogs, Aeneas, Aeneas in Italy, The Betrothed (2013), The glory (2014). In the 2015 create a new project named pSy-phon. They are produced i cd building 1 e building 2, the music included is part of a selection of songs used for theatrical works such as The betrothed, Furious 1 e Furious 2. In the 2016 processes the sound for Auto-da-fé, play by Lenz dal Don Carlo by Giuseppe Verdi, special commission of the Verdi Festival 2016 It is in the 2017 creates the sound of the two great site-specifics Purgatory e Paradiso from Dante and Verdi. He takes care of the music for the Resistenza project and the sound reworkings for two stage-musical works: Verdi Macbeth special commission for the Verdi Festival 2018 and in the same year Iphigenia in Aulis by Gluck in collaboration with the Conservatory of Music A. Boito of Parma. He graduated in history with a thesis entitled "The Colorno mental hospital - for a history of Parma psychiatry (1865-1881)”. Dal 2006 works with autistic children and young people, and suffering from ADHD at various schools in the province of Parma. Dal 2014 he teaches electronic music in professional training courses aimed at people with intellectual and sensorial disabilities (blind).

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