Over Gina Pane_4 Sentimental Actions



23 e 30 maggio 2024 | ore 17 and hours 18 | Governor's Palace [maps]

OVER GINA PANE_Sentimental Action n.2

Composition, action | Maria Federica Maestri_Carlotta Spaggiari
Visual refraction | Francesco Pititto

We dedicate Over Gina Pane to her. Four Sentimental Actions, without lulling ourselves in his memory, but trying to be reborn in the oxidized drops of his bloody footprints.

_Who acts today?

They are her – the human matter – in her – her cries, his whims, his spasms.

And so they are tinged with the pallors of the welcome misfortunes that they together are: genetic exception resistant to evil because they were born into evil or destined for it.


2 e 9 maggio 2024 | ore 17 and hours 18 | Governor's Palace [maps]

OVER GINA PANE_Sentimental Action n.1

Composition, action | Maria Federica Maestri_Monica Barone
Visual refraction | Francesco Pititto

A bitter and harsh beauty that pursued by Gina Pane, the most extreme figure of the body art movement: body in wound, body of the disaster, return body, body that survived the nothingness of the void.

The four performative actions are presented in the exhibition spaces of the Governor's Palace of the Municipality of Parma as part of the 'Contemporary. Masterpieces from the private collections of Parma' curated by Simona Tosini.

Being able to be inspired by one of the reference artists of your creative path is both an aesthetic trap and a conceptual refuge. I won't try to stay balanced, well balanced between parts but will oscillate in 'partition', divided between the painful memory of her wounds - the sentimental terrorism of Gina Pane - and the poetry that generates joy and pleasure in her latest works. To fall and get up we will be multiple bodies, exorcists and adventurers of our underwater world.

_Who acts today?

The chocolate puff eater – no icing which she doesn't like. Not her herself, too afraid of the prisons of the exhibition, but she in them, but they in her, as if riding them full of joy with purple bridles.


Governor's Palace, Garibaldi square, Parma [maps]
2 e 9 maggio | 23 e 30 maggio | 6 e 13 June | ore 17 and hours 18
Single ticket €8
4 e 11 July | ore 17
Single ticket €12
Reservation required: (+39) 0521 270141 | (+39) 335 609 6220 | info@lenzfondazione.it

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