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12 April 2024 | ore 19, ore 21 | Lenz Theatre [maps]


Female Animal Kin Bestiary [+]

Creation, interpretation | Lorenza Guerrini
Production | Lenz Foundation

Tell the truth, but say it askew. Emily Dickinson wrote it in a letter. So here I am, sideways trying to tell the truth. What I want to say doesn't exist yet. But it existed, I have proof.

This is the attempt to open to other eyes a material that gives more than 20 years is next to me. The loneliness of a man who seeks answers but finds silence. His wife's silence, the silence of a small town, the silence of the whole world. A story that involved many families, including mine.

Lorenza Guerrini is a hybrid, which tries to dress thoughts and move in the different universes that lie between theater and performance.

Start the dialogue with the Lenz Foundation ensemble for dramaturgical research on the deconstruction and reconstruction of a new imaginary of relationships, through the elimination of gender binomials and the possibility of moving towards a future where change will no longer be so scary.


12 April 2024 | ore 19, ore 21
Lenz Theatre, via Pasubio 3/e, Parma [maps]
Single ticket €6
Reservation recommended: (+39) 0521 270141 | (+39) 335 609 6220 | info@lenzfondazione.it


It is possible to participate in the workshop mainly oriented towards dramaturgy, conducted by Lorenza Guerrini – UNIPR students will be recognized 1 educational credit.

«I am building a creation process where writing and staging are created simultaneously during rehearsals. I would like to work on perception and the creation of sensations, through a dramaturgy that is performed through the word, the gesture and the editing of the sounds coming from the real recordings. I imagined a series of practices that I would like to open to other bodies and other sensibilities. A bit like the protagonist of this story, I would like to open the question on the truth of human relationships in the world, but unlike him not only to that of powerful men but to that of anyone who carries with him the memory of an affection.»

Download the complete call [download]
The workshop will end with one sharing open to the public on 10 and April 11th at Lenz Theatre [maps]

Info and registrations: (+39) 0521 270141 | (+39) 335 609 6220 | info@lenzfondazione.it

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