Imaginary and real drama


The new production VERDI MACBETH continues its research and experimental journey on the operas of Maestro Giuseppe Verdi, following audience and critics’ success of VERDI RE LEAR in 2015, the opera never written but always yearned, AUTODAFÉ from Don Carlo in 2016 and PARADISE_A SACRED_PIECE (PARADISO_UN PEZZO SACRO) in 2017, from Verdi’s Four sacred pieces.

In Macbeth the crucial dramatic elements of the protagonists’ psychic, fantastic and dream state are many.

The faces of the actors of the Residence for the Implementation of Safety Measures of Casale di Mezzani fully reflect, through a visual transfer, the issue of madness and the visions, which become imaginary and real drama.

VERDI MACBETH’s installation is made of twenty-four terrariums inhabited by thousands of crickets and live insects, whose shrills become, together with Verdian voices, the sound material for the performance. Their obsessive incessant chanting gradually takes over the entire sound space, in a “crescendo” symmetrical to Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s obsessions. Nature comes into the set design as a horrific concept, and at the same time fantastic and real.



From Verdi and Shakespeare

Dramaturgy and imagoturgy by Francesco Pititto
Installation and direction by Maria Federica Maestri
Interpreted by Singers of the Verdian Academy, Ensemble Lenz Foundation
Music elaboration by Andrea Azzali
in collaboration with Regio Theater/ Festival Verdi

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